Close up of East Timorese tais weaving process. Photograph by Amy Ripley

Tais of East Timor

Dili Tais Market is an unprepossessing place – just two narrow alleys of tin-roofed shacks. But once you step off the hot, dusty street and into its secret, shady lanes, you arrive into a world of colour and creativity. Tais are … Continue reading

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo, Sydney

Sydney Design Festival turns 18

There are now more design weeks and festivals across the world than weeks in the year. As the creative industries have been identified as important to economic development, more countries and cities are hosting annual design festivals. And in August … Continue reading

‘Art Autre', photograph courtesy of Fendi

Selective Ethics

For the past month, the art museum at my university has been host to an exhibition of extraordinary beauty, fascinating experimentation, and craft technique of a skill that I thought was no longer found in the contemporary world. It was … Continue reading

Wool Modern arrives

Wool Modern arrives in Sydney

An exhibition celebrating wool highlights the significance of the material to the international design community in the 21st Century. The Wool Modern exhibition travelling the world and featuring global designer heavyweights has arrived in Sydney. The exhibition includes works made … Continue reading