Alex Lotersztain talk at ‘Smart works: design and the handmade’ symposium


Alex Lotersztain believes that design is meant to improve people’s ways of life.

A commitment to travel and a decentralised studio influence Lotersztain’s designs and where they are made. Born in Argentina, he moved to Australia in 1998 and is now based in Brisbane.

Lotersztain works globally, designing lighting, indoor and outdoor furniture, objects and interiors. He gained early practical experience in making objects and in developing prototypes for his designs. However his primary interest in the handmade has been through encouraging those who do it best. As well as working with major design companies, he is committed to collaborating with people who have traditional crafts skills and who need new products to ensure sustainability. Lotersztain works with the InAfrica Foundation and believes in the role that ethical design can play in identifying and preserving skills, while bringing income and self-esteem.