Artisan Liesl Hazelton’s imagination is inspired by new Woven Image Dino Stripe

Liesl Hazelton - Fungi Sporalis

When it came time to launch their new colour range of Dino Stripe textiles – designed in collaboration with Dinosaur Designs – Woven Image invited artist Liesl Hazleton, to let her imagination go.

Known for her work with objects sourced from e-waste and computer graveyards, Liesl’s individual perception on design has seen her awarded the 2009 Design NSW: Travelling Scholarship, a solo show at the Powerhouse as part of Sydney Design 2010, and in 2011 an ambassador for TAFE NSW.

For Woven Image Liesl created an installation in a disused factory in Mittagong, Australia, that explores using the tropical forest floor regeneration cycle as a metaphor for the sustainable urban built environment.

It was the nature-inspired colours of the new Dino Stripe – crisp oceanic blues combined with weathered clay tones and afterglow yellows – which inspired Liesl to turn to nature.

“Bright colours against neutral tones contrast and define parallels between the natural and urban environments”

“The inherent properties of the Dino Stripe textile – durability, strength, texture, and resistance, combined with its amazing colour range led me to imagine Fungi Sporali, the role of fungi, and in particular ‘Shelf Fungi’. The Shelf Fungi are typically very resilient due to its sturdiness, with many species developing beautiful multi-coloured circles of colour that are annual growth rings”.

“Through layering and manipulation, the fabric was moulded to simulate fungi spore on buildings. I wanted to promote the textile as a beautiful and durable product. The Woven Image history of ethical practices and products paralleled the activities executed by forest fungi, supporting the environment via abilities to ‘regenerate’ and ‘recycle’ life”.

“I believe our man-made environment needs to behave the same way as the forest floor, decomposing the old to sustain new life”.

Iconic multi-functional indoor/outdoor fabric, Dino Stripe, is being released with the addition of 6 new exciting colourways.

Dino Stripe is a high performance, woven easy-care upholstery textile that is used across an array of indoor and outdoor applications as it allows for excellent UV stability and colourfastness to bleach. Additional benefits of water repellence, anti-microbial, mildew and stain resistance provides a textile suitable for enduring outdoor performance.