Australia Council launches Arts Funding Guide 2013


It’s almost the end of the year, a time when we take stock of the past and forecast what we may do in the new year. The holiday break may just be the down-time we need to start thinking of 2013, particularly planning grant applications and funding.

In 2013 The Australia Council for the Arts will deliver more than $160 million funding for arts organisations and individual artists across Australia offering national and international opportunities.

The Australia Council is committed to investing in excellence across all artforms. Artists who wish to develop new skills, undertake residencies and fellowships, through 92 grant programs and initiatives are invited to submit applications. The Grants section of the Australia Council website provides information about funding programs, grants and the funding application process. It also includes information about what happens after applications are submitted and what happens if you are successful.


Leo Ribeiro, editor at artshub says,
“The funding pool is limited and the competition can be quite tough. Success rates vary from around 15 percent in some categories to 35 percent or more in others. Applications are assessed on two basic principles: peer review and funding decisions that are arm’s length from government. Decisions are announced between 12 to 16 weeks after closing dates”.

Find out what it takes to be a successful applicant in this extended interview with director of Inter-Arts, Andy Donovan. 

More information about grants and funding available for 2013 can be found at the Australia Council for the Arts website.