Australian Design Alliance call for support


Using the crowdfunding website, Pozible, the Australian Design Alliance (AdA) has launched a national fundraising campaign to raise money to create a national design policy.

The Australian Design Alliance (AdA) is the alliance of peak professional organisations that represent designers across all aspects of Australia’s design industry. The AdA is a not for profit industry alliance and its primary goal is to promote the use of design to boost Australia’s productivity, sustainability and innovation.

Visit the AdA’s Pozible page here to find more information or pledge your support. The organisation hopes to raise a minimum of $15,000. The AdA is lean operation, with a volunteer Board and a part time Executive Director. With the money raised the AdA will be able to undertake the research needed to strengthen their case, as well as be able to spend more time influencing political leaders and step up its communications strategy to showcase the work of Australian designers in all their guises.

Various high profile designers and industry leaders are behind the project including Professor Roy Green, Dean of the UTS Business School and a member of the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce: “In advanced high cost economies, future competitive advantage will increasingly be based on the intangible value of design and innovation, which enables firms to differentiate their products and services. The question is not whether Australia can afford to invest in design, but whether we can afford not to,” says Green. “With trade-exposed industries such as manufacturing and tourism under severe pressure, Australia’s creative talent in design should become a key source of our uniqueness in global markets and value chains.”

Designer Liane Rossler agrees: “Australian designers are leading the way in creativity, sustainability and innovation. A national design policy would help to give designers recognition and respect and enable them to reach new heights. Please support the AdA in this important campaign for Australian design,” says Rossler.

The AdA’s vision is to develop a culture of design in Australia to strengthen economic competitiveness, innovation, creativity and sustainability. Its mission is to achieve greater recognition and valuing of Australian design by governments, business and community, plus greater innovation and collaboration within the design sector together with the application of strategic design approaches across all sectors.