Blanche Tilden and Phoebe Porter talk at ‘Smart works: design and the handmade’ symposium


Phoebe Porter and Blanche Tilden are both graduates from the ANU School of Art, Canberra and established Studio Hacienda in Melbourne in 2005. Both are curious about what attracts people to their work.

Tilden’s inspiration comes from the industrial age and its mass production techniques. Porter’s work experiences have fuelled her ability to develop tools and processes. They are able to make some of their own tools and also use specialist industries for making multiples of their prototyped components. Both have also experienced the value of mentorship ‘ Tilden with Susan Cohn, and Porter with Tilden. In the studio each continues their own individual practice. However, Tilden’s experience, for example, has broadened Porter’s understanding of serial production, while Porter’s computer-aided drawing skills have introduced Tilden to the benefits of digital technologies.