Caroline Pidcock in True Design: a digital storytelling project

Though she confesses that her career choice of architecture was little more than a happy accident, the dual impact of overseas travel and Robert and Brenda Vale’s book Green Architecture solidified her sense of purpose in the field. Literally the day after she finished reading the book, she applied for a job at Newcastle University, where she had the opportunity to further explore concepts of sustainability in architecture. She began her company, Caroline Pidcock Architects, in 1992.

Pidcock takes an holistic view of architecture, where the wellbeing of individuals, society and the greater environment comprise integral elements of a well resolved building. Her practice reflects this mentality not only through the use of environmentally sustainable materials and processes, but also by creating beautiful, intelligent and interesting spaces. Thus an essential element of Pidcock’s strategy is to actively encourage people to develop a consciousness of their surroundings and to take joy in them. ‘When you are engaged in a place you do care about it, you think about it, you understand it,’ Pidcock explains. ‘A good building will allow you to develop a connection with the area and the environment.’

Clients are drawn to her strong ethical basis, which is of increasing value as sustainability becomes an unavoidable issue. To complement her mainstay of residential projects, Pidcock also provides sustainability advice to larger projects.

Caroline Pidcock Architects

Caroline’s digital story was produced in collaboration with:
Robert Swieca, Sydney Design 07 coordinator
Linda Gehard, Design Institute of Australia