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The Museum of Water at Cottesloe Beach, WA documents displays sample of water collected by donors. Rebecca Mansell, Author provided

Perth’s Museum of Water documents our intimate relationship with a precious resource

A museum of water? This is the improbable concept featuring in this year’s Perth International Arts Festival. The brainchild of British artist Amy Sharrocks, the Museum of Water intends to trace the manifold ways that people relate to water. People … Continue reading

Panasonic R-72 Toot-a-Loop, portable radio, 1972. Author provided

Beautiful Obsolescence

Recently, the exhibition Beautiful Obsolescence was on display at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) at UNSW, as part of Sydney Design Festival 2016 highlighting the short lifespan of many products. Miles Park recently wrote this overview of some familiar objects that were on … Continue reading