COFA Annual 2012


COFA Annual 2012 showcased the works of the next generation of fine artists, media artists and designers. More than 300 COFA graduating students displayed their works in many disciplines: animation, ceramics, drawing, digital imaging, environments, graphics, installation, interactive media, jewellery, motion graphics, objects, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, sound, textiles and video.

I went to the opening. A very buzzing atmosphere and a great show! Here are a few images I took on the day:

Tom Scarcella said about his project ‘Transfom’: “Depending on the atmosphere, the tubes can be individually pivoted to dramatically alter the space. The spacial object can also be disassembled and flat-packed for easy transportation and storage.”

Tom Scarcella - Winner Euroluce Lighting Australia Award and The Sturt Graduate Prize

Tom Scarcella – Winner Euroluce Lighting Australia Award and Winner of The Sturt Graduate Prize

Margaret Sooyeon Koo said about her work ‘Swirl the Life’: “Made by folding a single sheet of metal, the design of this table and chair was inspired by the swirling pattern of an ice-cream cone.”

Margaret Sooyeon Koo - Swirl the Life

Erin Ryan wrote about her work ‘[A] Dressing the Body’: “Drawing inspiration directly from the physical nature of the body landscape, such as the magnified patterning of our own skin and folds on the body, the idea of questioning ‘Does the skin stop at the surface?’ led to the transformation and reevaluation of the concept of our second skin, being clothing.”

Erin Ryan - Winner Longina Phillips Award

Erin Ryan – Winner of the Longina Phillips Award

Myfanwy Doughty said about her project’ //Keloid’: “The Keloid project uses the act of repair to morph broken or compromised objects and existing material into something with identifiable origins but altogether different.”

Myfanwy Doughty - Winner Workshopped Award

Myfanwy Doughty – Winner of the Workshopped Award

Sophie Begg said about her project ‘Dysmorphia’: “My work explores the modern obsession with altering one’s form through the collision of both the fashion world and western medicine.”

Sophie Begg - Winner House of Jewellery Award

Sophie Begg – Winner of the House of Jewellery Award

Tomislav Milanovic wrote about her work ‘Beauty without rules’: “The idea of preciousness is questioned through unconventional representation of precious material in a contemporary manner by transforming common industrial materials into objects of desire.”

Tomislav Milanovic - Winner House of Jewellery Award

Tomislav Milanovic – Winner of the House of Jewellery Award

Monique Villanueva said about her work ‘ZERO’: “The pattern of the garment is deliberately designed to occupy the full space of the any given fabric, resulting in no scraps or off-cuts, and in effect, zero waste being sent to landfills.”

Monique Villanueva - Winner Object Gallery Award

Monique Villanueva – Winner Object Gallery Award

Sally Leung said about her project ‘Manifestations’: “I explore this idea through the use of second hand found objects that show signs of use, such as scents, stains, and marks, to inspire different levels of fear when confronted with the abject.”

Sally Leung - Winner COFA Jewellery Award

Sally Leung – Winner of the COFA Jewellery Award

Nick Fox said that his works investigate global social, environmental and spiritual concepts. They range in materials from ice to foam, and encompass multiple scales. His works come alive through audience interaction, with the use of humour, collaboration and spectacle.

Nick Fox - Winner Art & Australia Prize

Nick Fox – Winner of the Art & Australia Prize

Olivia Louella said her work ‘The Way In // The Way Out’: “The majority of my sculptural art is concept-driven, with themes varying from the act of lying and deception, to the consequences of mental disorders. Here, I constructed an imposingly large shoji screen out of wood and inserted the pages from the book ‘Manual of Mental Disorders’. With the lighting effect, I wanted to convey the sense of fragility vs strength, and clarity vs confusion of the mind.”

Olivia Louella – The Way In // The Way Out

Madeleine Whitfeld said about her work ‘Floating Fishbowl’: “I am almost unintentionally drawn to detail and so printmaking and in particular etching has been the perfect medium for me. My work is about the human relationship with the aquatic environment and how the two worlds are becoming disconnected.”

Madeleine Whitfeld - Floating Fishbowl

Madeleine Whitfeld – Floating Fishbowl

James McDonald, winner of A&E Metal Prize, said that the vast majority of his work finds, at its core, observations and interactions with the everyday. The objects are processed and reinvented, resulting in alterations of perceived normal function, augmented or diminished social status, and farcical combinations. His work ‘Cloistered Kitchen’ raises the status of the kitchen by changing the materiality of the objects through the use of icons of religion, colours and textures.

James McDonald - Winner A&E Metal Prize

Justine Passas talked about her work Voix de Villia :”It explores the vibrant history of Her Majesty’s Theatre, a cultural hub once located on Pitt Street in Sydney.”

Justine Passas – Voix de Villia

Here is what Georgina Evershed, Winner Dinosaurs Designs and Australian Centre for Photography Award, said about her work ‘Sharky’s Disco’:

Georgina Evershed – Winner Dinosaur Designs and Australian Centre for Photography Award


All the graduating students’ works can be found on COFA’s website.