Craig Walsh’s haunting ‘EMERGENCE’


EMERGENCE by artist Craig Walsh, is a collaboration between Art & About Sydney and the Australian Museum.  As night descends on Hyde Park South in Sydney’s CBD, the trees are illuminated as faces emerge from the leaves and branches. The effect is truly haunting.

This installation continues a series of ephemeral artworks which focus on elements of local history that have been edited or denied representation in public space. Defining what is important to record for historical purposes and immortalsed in public monuments has often been in the hands of those with selective motivations. EMERGENCE pays homage to Hyde Park’s history as a meeting point for civic unrest, protest, and direct action. Three individuals from diverse backgrounds, linked through their commitment to social change movements, are presented here as a collective monument to civic action.

The Australian Museum is interested in representing the interface between nature and culture, and creating a dialogue about contemporary ideas within the Hyde Park / Australian Museum precinct.

Craig Walsh is a contemporary artist who works across artforms including theatre, architecture, public works and festivals. His work has been shown at major national and international exhibitions, and he has recently completed a two-year touring residency across Australia titled Digital Odyssey.