Deep Sea Challenger interview with James Cameron & Ron Allum

James Cameron Winner of the Austrailan International Awards 2012

The Powerhouse Museum recently interviewed James Cameron, winner of the Australian International Design Awards 2012, who was in Australia to meet with manufacturers of his Deep Sea Challenger and for the awards ceremony. With this confluence of events, we were very fortunate to interview James Cameron with Ron Allum, who was one of the key partners in the project, explaining some of the design challenges. It’s not an easy task taking a human 11 kilometres below the surface of the ocean into the Marina Trench, one of the deepest known trenches on the planet.

In a recent article we outlined some of the features that made this project such a sand-out.

A number of prototypes have since been donated to and acquired by the Powerhouse Museum now forming part of it’s collection. The museum also displayed the prototype shell of the ‘pilot’s pod’. No longer on display, it is anticipated that the shell will be reproduced by the museum for display purposes. In the meantime the anti-compression technology and life support system that kept the divers alive on the historic dive have been acquired and is currently on display.