Guerrilla Gallery on Elizabeth Street Sydney

Elizabeth Street gallery

Artists Andrew Quilty and Dean Sewell are changing the landscape of our daily journey to and from work. Having chosen a site along Elizabeth Street  between Goulbourn and Campbell streets, their guerrilla activity has taken hold with the Sydney City Council authorising the gallery within 12 hours of its installation. From finding the site to curating a group of reputable documentary photographers and printing the work, the artists have by-passed existing bureaucracy that can compromise public work and have created their own installation. Dean Sewell sees the gallery as a compensation for the disproportionate amount of advertisements that are found on the streets as well as giving them an opportunity to create their own gallery in the face of what he  describes as a difficult to penetrate arts scene.

Works include Dean Sewell, James Brickwood, Nic Walker, James ‘Blondie’ Alcock and George Voulgaropoulos.

The full ABC radio interview can be found here.