Liesl Hazelton on why she is now the most searched ‘Liesl’ in the nation


First and foremost, I am taking my work more seriously. I was not so sure about the work I was making. I didn’t pursue galleries; I didn’t take part in exhibitions. I was really given a new confidence to approach people and get excited about the work I was making.

Secondly, it gave me a platform. Being awarded the scholarship was great recognition and it took me from being a student/assistant into the professional realm. I had never really pushed boundaries when it came to research before. I didn’t have the time or means to challenge my creativity. When I chose to visit places like Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala, I made the decision in the interest of professional and personal growth.

In short, the scholarship has given me a reason to be excited about my career. With new galleries, workshop and promotional campaigns, I am feeling more validated. In the long term, I hope to fulfil collaborative plans with Kwangho Lee, I plan to have cracked the European market and I would like to continue my relationship with galleries and pursue connections made throughout the year. I aim to continue my involvement with the Powerhouse Museum and potentially, have them acquire a piece of my work.

I made incredibly useful contacts through the award. I was recently asked to develop and produce a new campaign for Woven Image which was produced from recycled PET bottles and designed by Dinosaur Designs. I was approached by the company after a recommendation from the British Council.

I was also approached by TAFE NSW after doing a workshop at National Recycling Week to become an ambassador for the Enmore Design Centre (where I completed my studies). This means I will be involved with activities throughout the year ‘ helping to promote the college. I was asked to do a workshop at Ultimo TAFE after an organiser saw my work at the Powerhouse Museum in the Reloved: Designer stories display which was part of Sydney Design 2010. I have also been approached about giving a lecture at UTS, Sydney.

For the future, I would like to continue my relationship with the Resource Recovery Centre in Moss Vale. I would like to continue to promote, through workshops and lectures, my work and ideas around sustainability. I aim to participate in artist-in-residence programs abroad. I will make a living from my art.

About the scholarship ‘ I think it is an amazing opportunity for emerging talent. It allows you to push your career and yourself further.

Throughout the scholarship I kept a little blog where you can read more in-depth details about the activities and developments throughout the year.

I am now the most searched ‘Liesl’ in the nation.

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