Parlour: women, equity, architecture.


As a female architecture defector, I had moved away from working in the industry but architecture was and is still close to my heart. Despite attempts to stay connected through reading architecture blogs and magazines, attending lectures and  maintaining relationships with friends still in the profession, I felt a distance from the conversations I wanted to be having. So the discovery of Parlour, a site dedicated to women in architecture was both a revelation and inspiration.  

Parlour is the result of a research project into the equity and diversity in Australian architecture and is an organisation run by women for women who practice, have studied or are interested in architecture. Parlour aims to encourage and support women in architecture while expanding the definition of architectural practice.

In a still predominately male oriented industry, Parlour provides a much needed platform to engage in discussion and debate and exchange ideas and research on women and their role within architecture. The site functions as a meeting place and a register for the many talented women who contribute to the field of architecture in so many diverse ways.

Parlour’s register is a useful tool in mapping women’s participation and representation in the architectural profession and will contribute to a greater understanding of where and why women move away from the profession at a much greater rate than their male counterparts.

Parlour is curated and edited by Justine Clark, with support from co-editors Naomi Stead, Karen Burns, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, Julie Willis, Amanda Roan and Gill Matthewson.

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