A ceramic vase repaired by Guy Keulemans using photoluminescent pigment. Author provided

Kintsugi and the art of ceramic maintenance

Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese craft of repairing broken ceramics with “urushi” glue and gold or silver dust. It expresses the Japanese principle of “mottainai”, a concept for the regret experienced from waste. It’s significant for being a rare traditional … Continue reading

Anne Dangar, Illustration to a poem by James Stephens, circa 1935

Anne Dangar and Moly-Sabata

In the Powerhouse Museum’s collection is Anne Dangar’s wall plaque, an ‘Illustration to a poem by James Stephens’. It was created in the 1930s at Moly-Sabata, Dangar’s home, workplace and final resting place in France. Many of her other works … Continue reading

Ceramic group, ‘Still life with yellow bowls’, teapots (2), bottles (4), beakers (3), bowls (2), wheelthrown and slipcast in Limoges porcelain and Southern Ice porcelain, made by Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, 2002. Collection: Powerhouse Museum

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott (1935-2013)

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott was one of Australia’s most illustrious studio ceramicists whose fine skill and cerebral approach to her art will be greatly missed. After a 1960s to 70s repertoire of stone ware, from the 1980s Gwyn became famous for … Continue reading