The Powerhouse Wizard

Swash dishwasher by Alex Gilmour

The Powerhouse Museum in partnership with Wizard Home Loans recently announced Alexandra Gilmour, an industrial designer, the winner of the 2008 Powerhouse Wizard Award. Rachel Bending, the founder and Director of Bird Textiles was Highly Commended. It was noted that both entrants have a considered approach to sustainability issues in their design practice.

Gilmour, who was also one of the top 20 entrants in the 2008 Design NSW: Travelling Scholarship, is an Industrial Designer and graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney. While completing a Masters in Design (Research) Gilmour explored the idea of nanofiltration, and the use of steam in dishwashing applications. Her research project has evolved from a conceptual steam dishwasher (Swash) developed during her undergraduate degree. At present the project is in prototype stage, while Gilmour continues to explore the use of steam and its cleaning performance on dishware. She has an Innovation Patent assigned to steam dishwasher development and is further developing Swash for commercial application.

The Powerhouse Wizard receives a $5,000 career development scholarship, and is involved with the Museum’s public programs throughout the year. The Powerhouse Wizard is an annual award honouring an individual who has made a dynamic contribution to Australian innovation and achievement. The Awards were established in 2004 with the support of Wizard Home Loans. Past winners include: engineer, Dr James Bradfield Moody (ABC TV’s The New Inventors); filmmaker Khoa Do, director of the film Footy Legends; engineer Dr Dominic Dowling, inventor of QuakeSafe; and Dr Naomi McClure-Griffiths, an astrophysicist with the CSIRO’s Australian National Telescope Facility.

Nominations for the Powerhouse Wizard Award will re-open in mid 2009.
For further information contact (02) 9217 0577.

Powerhouse Wizard
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