UTS Sydney South Central Winter Intensive


During July, Master of Architecture students took part in Sydney South Central, a 26-day intensive design studio held in partnership with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and funded by the UTS Deputy Vice Chancellor Resources, Patrick Woods.

The brief was to look for new spatial opportunities arising out of urban transformations in the Ultimo precinct. The focus of its research was: What is the size of the urban quarter that the Ultimo Pedestrian Network (UPN) forms the spine of; what are the new interior spatial opportunities arising along the UPN for stakeholders; and what kind of temporal events might begin to animate the new public spaces being created in and around the precinct.

Celeste Raanoja and Daniel Putilin are two students who took part in the intensive, they explain their work which explored the concept of transient ground.

“The architects of the UPN have proposed an articulated surface that is overlaid over the interstitial space between Ultimo’s institutions in the hope of fostering a network. Can we understand a collective ground by reading surface, as an archeologist reads culture through artifacts? How do we design surfaces to encourage interaction between individuals and institutions? The passage of the sun sheds light on transitory spaces that animate the otherwise inert urban grid. Harnessing the individual’s pursuit of the sun, our proposal uncovers new surfaces for collective recreation”.

Transient ground

Transient ground – Celeste Raanoja and Daniel Putilin

Tutors Tarsha Finney, Professor Richard Goodwin, Matt Chan, David Neustein, Marisa Yiu and Billy Feuerman along with local stakeholders have worked with 28 students to produce a range of responses, proposals and multi-scalar re-imaginations of the precinct that are contradictory, non-linear in narrative, and dynamic.